Project Description

ESB Kilpaddoge to Moneypoint


Project Details

Duration: 5 Months

Value: €1.2 Million

Project Description

€1.2m Contract for laying of ducts for high voltage cables running between Ballyvouskil sub station and Moneypoint Power Station

Works sub-contractor to New Century Engineering (main contractor) for all groundworks elements such as excavation, placing of ducts, backfill & reinstatement, temporary roads, site fencing, proving ducts, installing joint boxes, C2 chambers & transition chambers. All ducts are being laid within the environs of the ESB Moneypoint power station and will transport the High Voltage cables from the Shannon Estuary Crossing landing site up to the Power Station. KPH are responsible for producing method statements, risk assessments and temporary design certs for all works.

The Project included: The excavation for and laying of 7,320m of 200mm 220kV High Voltage ESB ducts, 10,380m 125mm 110kV High Voltqage Ducts and 400m of 300mm concrete storm drain being run between the existing ESB Substations at Ballyvouskil and the main Power Station at Moneypoint.
Works included all excavation, disposal of materials, laying of ducts with CBGM bed & surround and backfilling/reinstatement of finishes
This required 2,835m2 of tarmac road to be planed down and removed before works began and replacement of the road to NRA specs on completion..
2000m of temporary fencing was required to be erected and removed.
The works also involved forming transition bays, C2 Chambers and Link Boxes and a concrete landing site for the cables crossing the Shannon Estuary.

All ducts are to be fully cleaned, proved and roped before handover to the ESB.

Works started in June 2015 and were completed in November 2015